So you’re curious about me. But I’d like to know… what brings YOU here?

  • You want to kickstart your creative juices
  • You need your business to stand out and stay ahead of the competition
  • You feel frustrated by creative blocks
  • You want to develop a working environment that inspires creativity
  • You need your team be more innovative
  • You feel overwhelmed by your creative ideas and need structure

If any of these ring true, you’re in the right place.

Workshop facilitator in class with students

My first Creativity Activation in Amsterdam.

What do I know about creativity?

My knowledge is informed by ongoing creative practice.

I write music, make stone sculptures and draw. I’ve written four books and produced a documentary film. I write poetry and blog regularly. I’ve been an actor, radio host, TV scriptwriter, band manager, and journalist. I have also had operatic vocal training.

So yeah, needless to say, I have a wide range of interests and manage to keep the creative juices flowing.

David playing guitar

Rocking the stage as support to The Prodigy in 1999 (right) gave fuel to my own acoustic work in 2015.

What do I know about business?

Over two decades working in the arts and entertainment industry taught me a thing or two about business.

I ran my own public relations business in South Africa and I was a project manager for a PR agency in London.

At an event management companies in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London, I managed a range of accounts from sporting clients, to corporates and customer service initiatives.

As an independent freelancer in Amsterdam, I have taught Business English to corporate clients. I facilitate workshops on creative careers, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and the music business.

You can find my full, professional profile here on LinkedIn

Creative speaker David Chislett interviewing Johnny Rotten on a conference stage

Interviewing Johnny Rotten about creativity in front of a live audience at the Pomax BBDA 2017 in Amsterdam.

Here’s what I believe:

Creativity isn’t magic. It CAN be taught.

Creativity is part of human nature. It can be identified, developed and grown like any other skill.

Creativity requires action and structure.

There can be no creativity without planning, structure and routine. You must make space for it and practice it.

Creativity empowers you to live a happier life.

When you activate your creativity, you free your mind to discover your creative passions and purpose. You open the door to a more authentic, fulfilling life.

Creativity is important in this world.

Without it we’d have no progress, no new trends or products and essentially, we’d all still be doing what we did two millennia ago. A world focused on creating new things is a world less inclined to self-destruction than one dedicated to preserving old ways.

Creativity expert talking to students

One of a series workshops aimed at helping musicians understand the business side of the industry.

How I help businesses and individuals activate creativity

Through speaking, personal training, and interactive workshops, I help people tap into their creativity and discover new ways of working. My approach is creative, yet practical and systematic (with some good humor thrown in.) You get simple tools and methods you can actually use in your personal and professional life.

Fun facts

  • I love fine food. I was vegetarian for 20 years which is when I learned to cook… there are only so many soya burgers a man can eat!
  • I once worked behind the counter at a ski shop in Switzerland despite not speaking, French, German or Italian. As a result I am really good at servicing skis.
  • I was awarded the Ernst Van Heerden Creative Writing Award in 1998 for the short story: The Pin Stripe Punk.
  • I once met Johnny Rotten and he told me that if you want to start a revolution, you shouldn’t know what you’re doing… Don’t copy anything!
  • I was born in Portsmouth, England grew up in Johannesburg, lived in Cape Town for five years, spent a total of about four years in and out of London and now I live in Amsterdam.
  • I was a really good schoolboy rugby player. The sport turned professional after I stopped playing. Makes you wonder what could have been.

Two speakers at a bookstore with a crowd listening

Launch of ‘Your Body Remembers’, my debut collection of short stories, in Cape Town 2009.

Let’s talk

Find out how I can help you or your organisation activate your creativity and innovate more in the world around you. Let’s discuss your needs and develop a program tailored to you. Contact me today.

Creativity trainer David drinking a beer