Creativity for HR leaders: Inspiring innovation

Employees feel valued and motivated when they’re encouraged to think outside the box. Companies know they need these fresh ideas to compete. But they don’t always know the best way to foster a culture of innovation.

Human Resources professionals play a vital role in creating conditions where free thought and imaginative thinking is possible.

From professional development and reward programs to employee communication and company policies, HR is at the heart of every organisation, ensuring that staff are motivated and empowered to succeed.

In this workshop, you gain a deep understanding of how to activate creative thinking and identify obstacles that get in the way. You learn how to encourage staff and management to seek solutions rather than problems, by freeing their creativity.

Creating the right conditions for innovation is no small task. I can show you the ways and means to get there.


Topics include
  • Working methods that inspire creativity
  • Management styles and creative problem solving
  • How to think differently about policies, processes and practices
  • Designing a work atmosphere that promotes creativity



This interactive, activity-based workshop gives participants the opportunity to analyze, discuss, explore and experience creative concepts.

  • Full day (8 hours)
  • Maximum participants: 10 per workshop
  • All materials provided



Workshops take place in Amsterdam, at your place of business or offsite. Other locations are available upon request.


Date and Time

We will arrange a date and time that works best for your team.



€ 2,995 excl. BTW € 1445 excl. BTW

* Lucky 13 Pre-Launch Special *
The first 13 people to book any workshop or training will enjoy 50% off the regular price.

CONTACT ME to book or ask a question.


Conference Weekend Workshops

Want to book me for your next conference weekend or retreat? I offer 2 workshops over 2 days for € 4495 excl. BTW + travel.

Have something else in mind? Feel free to contact me and we can chat about it.


Take-Home Materials

To support your team’s ability and drive to innovate, you have the option to purchase 10 copies of the thought-provoking book The Runaway Species by Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman for € 300 excl. BTW.

Get inspired.

What languages do you speak?
I am a native English speaker and I also speak Dutch. So my workshops are offered in either language depending on your preference.
Do you offer workshops for larger groups?
Workshops are meant to be interactive. Therefore, smaller groups work best. Still, I am open to facilitating workshops for bigger groups. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.
What are your payment policies?
I ask for a 50% deposit to book a workshop. The remaining 50% is due on the first day of the workshop. Sessions can be rescheduled with 7 day’s notice. Cancellations made with less than 7 day’s notice result in a loss of deposit.
Do you offer workshops online or via Skype?
Group workshops need to happen in-person. Online options are offered to individuals on a case-by-case basis.
David Chislett

David Chislett

Workshop Facilitator

David Chislett brings more than 25 years of real-world creative experience to his role. He’s been called “a born teacher” and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Through fun exercises and systematic strategies, David helps activate creativity and put it to work. His approach is hands-on, practical and tailored to you.
David has a charismatic presence in group settings. He is thorough in his approach. Participation levels are high and participants demonstrate high learning retention rates. His facilitation style is engaging. Feedback from participants has always been positive. Aasifah Omar

Strategic Human Resources Business Partner, Professional Provident Society