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To celebrate the launch of these new services, there WAS a Lucky 13 special on. More than half of the first 13 sessions have already been snapped up. This means only the next 6 people or companies to book a training or workshop get 50% off! If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to decide!

Creativity Training for Individuals


Problem Solving: How to activate YOUR creativity

Do you need to become a better problem solver? Has coming up with new ideas become part of your job and you have no idea how? When you need to be ahead of the rate of change, the competition and your customers, you need to be creative. This workshop is for YOU!

Everyone is creative: How to activate YOUR creativity

Do you want to start a creative project but have never done so before? Do you dream of writing poetry, sketching, painting or making movies but you are convinced that because you are not a naturally creative person you cannot? This workshop is for YOU!

Be creative all the time: Managing the ebb & flow of creativity

Do you know you are creative, but struggle to switch it on and off reliably? Do you struggle to access good ideas and solutions on demand? Does your job, your life or your creative ambitions demand that you be more creatively turned on? Then this workshop is for YOU

Creative project management: How to focus & get more done

Do you know that you’re creative and have loads of ideas but struggle to finish any of your projects? Is finalising things at work a problem when unique ideas and solutions are involved? This workshop is for YOU

Creativity Workshops for Business

Activate your team’s creativity

Do your teams need to be switched on problem solvers who can repeatedly come up with new ideas, solutions and approaches to situations? Do you have many different personality types struggling to work together to create effective change? This workshop is for YOU

Creativity for HR leaders: Inspiring innovation

Does your company want to create an environment where creative thought and innovation are normal? Are you struggling to motivate staff to engage in out the box activities? HR professionals play a vital role in creating conditions where free thought and imaginative thinking is possible. This workshop is for YOU

Turn up the volume in your business: Unleash your inner rock star!

Do you need to take your team/department or business to the next level? Do your people need an inspirational dose of motivation and a believable model to understand? Learn the hidden secrets of massive superstars and how to apply their thinking to your world. Useful for every business type. Find your voice, turn up the volume, and outshine the competition! This is the Workshop for YOU!