Start Smart

Start Smart is an educational programme I developed in order to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

Start Smart is about helping artists to develop a business-like approach without diluting their work in order to be able to compete in a densely populated, fast-moving market place.

The Start Smart ethos is applicable to artists of all disciplines but I do have some specific focus areas:


My workshops are half day affairs that focus on specific areas of the music and publishing industries. These include:

How To Get Published

The Business Basics Of The Music Industry

Music Industry Money Chain

Marketing For Artists

Planning for Success

The workshops are organised on an on-going basis according to demand. If you want to bring a workshop to your town, business or community, contact for a quote.


I also work on a 1on 1 basis with artists to help them address more specific challenges in their careers. These are individually tailored sessions designed to meet the specific current needs of the client.

The consultations are brilliant for authors trying to get a book started, artists about to release an album, a group looking for a strategy for the next 12 months and just about any other business related scenario you can imagine.

The consultations are booked with individuals or small groups according to mutual availability at any time. If you want to book a consultation for yourself or a colleague, please contact for a quote.