Last year I took the step of sorting out all the things around my small company that I need as a freelancer in the Netherlands. One of these things was a logo that I can use on letterheads, invoices, quotes and business cards.

Being still pretty new here, my existing network of designers and printers wasn’t really going to cut it. I COULD use my South African connections, but I need a local network and this was a good time to start building it.

I resorted to using Facebook and Facebook groups to find a local designer who I could afford and boy, did I come up trumps! As a word person, I sometimes find it hard to communicate effectively with designers, especially if we don’t know each other. It’s like we have slightly different ways of using words that relate to images that just don’t quite connect.

However, with Inga of Ingaga Design my new designer, this was far from a problem. Either that or it is a problem she knows and understands and we shifted around ideas, references, ways of saying things until we had a fairly good idea of what we were both meaning by the things we were saying.

She also prepared a lot of options to begin with, which gave me a great opportunity to narrow it down.
This is the final logo for my company, The Writing Word:
logo writing word





Because the company really only exists at this stage for administrative and tax purposes, my name is also there… which was a suggestion from Inga that made total sense to me.

So, this blog is to tell you that I am super-pleased with my logo and business cards etc, ands that if you’re looking for a designer in Amsterdam (or one to work with virtually from ANYWHERE) I can highly recommend Inga!
Her website: