Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar is a combination key note and business motivational presentation that unlocks and exposes the power and versatility of the music business using music itself as the vehicle for sharing the ideas, tricks, tips and methods that underpin the successful Rockstar. Specific content is modified according to client/agency brief to reach industry/role/objective specified. This can either be a 60 minute or a 2-hour workshop session.

The Presentation
Unleash Your Inner Rockstar is a two-hander that features stunning musical demonstrations from Martin Schofield on guitar that are then explained and unpacked as business ideas and strategies by David Chislett. Together they guide audiences through the intricacies of the business side of the creative industries pointing out what they do so well and extrapolating lessons for every person and business from their examples.

The presentation feature live music, an engaging AV presentation, some singing and dancing as well as audience interaction during its length. This is not yet another corporate business presentation. This is a much needed shot in the arm for creativity, motivation and thought from two successful individuals from their own industries.

The Presenters:
David Chislett
Speaker, author, training facilitator and musician David Chislett has been in the South African entertainment industry for 25 years both as an artist and as a manager and marketing expert. He has 6 published works out on the streets with 3 more currently in production. He specialises in training artist entrepreneurs and awakening the artistic flair inside business people. He also has a background in music and performance having played in several garage bands in his youth

Martin Schofield
Guitarist, composer, record producer, music teacher and performer martin Schofield is well known as the guitarist for funk rockers Wonderboom, dance act Flash Republic and cult rockabilly band Martin Rocka and the Sickshop. With 20 years of performance, composition and teaching under his belt, Schofield understands how to break down the seeming magic of music in to bite sized pieces that can be digested, learned and perfected.

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