1, 2, 1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry is out and on shelves from 1 October 2010.

The book is a much needed, basic resource for those starting out in the industry as musicians, agents or promoters and managers. It sets out in plain English the basic parameter, organisations and ideas behind the music business in South Africa.

The book was written by David Chislett, who has worked in South Africa as a manager, musician, publicist, promoter, journalist, booking agent and more. “The book is an attempt to set down 20 years of experience to share,” Chislett explains, “In that sense, it s not the gospel, but it includes all the thoughts and lessons I had to learn by making mistakes when I started out. My hope is that, buy publishing such a book, I can at least help people make fewer mistakes, lose less money and progress further in the business.”

1,2,1,2 is 160 full colour pages of information and advice. It includes great photographs by Jacqui van Staden, Warren Van Rensburg, Kevin S Flee and Liam Lynch as well as illustrations by Chris Lombard. As such it is a visually engaging and entertaining read while also being a strong educational tool.

The book is endorsed by the Music Managers Forum Of South Africa. Readers can catch author David Chislett in action in Rock Spider on MK on DS TV and pop Stars on E TV as he takes contestants through their paces with the book.

The release of the book will be accompanied by launch and workshop events in major centres, watch your local press for details. Visit www.davidchislett.co.za for more info on the author as well as other titles and initiatives.  1,2,1,2 is available at exclusive Books, Look and Listen, music equipment stores and independent book stores country wide for the full retail price of R250.00