ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO: The Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry

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First published in 2010, ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO is now available here FREE.

Click here to download your free pdf copy now!

ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry

is a unique guide booked aimed at NEW bands, musicians and managers who do not as yet have affirm grasp of the sub divisions, complexities and pitfalls of the modern music business in South Africa. It takes the very, very beginning basics of what a band needs from the point of view of equipment, attitude, marketing, and blends it with practical advice, anecdotal back-up and illustrations to provide a guide to help new musicians get themselves going in this competitive environment. Ideal for absolute beginners as well as professionals, it is a text that is aimed at helping musicians of ALL genres develop their careers in such a way that they are geared for success from their very first steps into the public eye and BEFORE!

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  1. Pierre Engel

    Is this book only available online or is it being distributed to the trade and if so byu whom?
    Many Thanks
    Pierre Engel

  2. David

    Stephan Phillips are the distributor and it is currently in most Exclusive Books and Look and Listens stores countrywide…

  3. Jaco

    I’m trying to find a shop to buy 1212. Before Christmas please can you advise me any shop on the Eastrand (Gauteng) we tried Look & Listen Eastrand.

  4. David

    Try Greenstone and the one over the road from East Rand Mall in the value mart centre…

  5. Karl Anderson

    Hi David
    I am trying to get this book in the US. I have Duncan Faure from Rabbit on my record label and we are promoting a new cd for him and I really want to get a copy of you book as I think it will be helpful on the south african market. The Book bistro only appears to be set up for orders in the South Africa. Can I get a copy directly from you or??? thanks for you help on it. You can e-mail me or of call 001-707-971-9263 if you want to call

    Thanks for you help. Looking forward to reading your book.


  6. […] the decision to start giving it away for free over the internet. As a pdf download (find it here: ONE TWO ONE TWO). No e-reader required, just a connection and a device that can read pdf’s. To date, in more or […]

  7. […] ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO can be downloaded NOW for FREE here: DOWNLOAD ME! […]

  8. […] it is now available FREE as a PDF download from my site. All you need to do is click this link: and download the book to your computer/phone/tablet. And then share it with as many people as you […]

  9. Rime Flika

    My man.. I attended one of the free workshops you did in uitenhage and my partner bought that book.. I’ve read it but it wanted my own copy. since I’m no longer working with him now I’ve been looking for this book everywhere, thank you so Much for the info David my Stage name is Rime flika Weird Boy.. you taught me so much bro god bless you

  10. David Chislett

    Thanks Weird Boy! I hope that knowledge takes you far!

  11. […] My second big reason is rooted in my previous book ONE TWO ONE TWO. That book first saw life as a physical book that I published and distributed through traditional channels, launching in 2010. However, the book was always too expensive and problems with printers meant it was never the quality I wanted. Once the book was four years old I put the pdf version of it up on my website for free download (it is still to be found here.) […]

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