2012 Short Story Chain Gang Challenge

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Yesterday was International Short Story Day and as part of the activities, I took part in the International Short Story Chain Gang Challenge at Love Books in Johannesburg.

The ideas is as follows: Venues enter teams of writers (in this case 6) who then as a team write a short story. But you cannot collaborate before the time. So, writer 1 starts at 10 and writes until 11am. Writer two then has time to read over the first piece and then move the story ahead, and so on and so on. Last year I was 2nd of 3rd. This year I got to end the whole shebang off.

The Full Team was:
Fiona Snyckers
Joanne Macgregor
Joan de la Haye
Kathryn White
Henrietta Rose-Innes
David Chislett

Our story is a really mind-bender. Shades of The Hand Maids Tale meets Douglas Adams by way of Stephen King! The ending I composed is pretty hectic, so be warned! But check it out here and VOTE for us! The Love Books Team deserves to win! heheheh!

Click here: Love Books Chain Gang Story
And I also took some pics of the team members who were immediately before me, Enjoy!

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  1. Natalie

    Pretty cool short story. Really enjoyed.

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