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I’ve always been a good sleeper. An early bird yes, but not because I cannot sleep. But the last few weeks (I have lost count actually) I am experiencing something new. I now wake up every morning somewhere between 3:30 am and 4:30am, regardless of how late or early I … Read More

Business English

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English has become the international language of business. It is now more important than ever to have good English skills to navigate the international opportunities of modern business. To meet this need, I offer a diverse range of training and coaching to help modern, international professionals improve both their spoken … Read More

Writing Services

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In a digital world, good writing has never been so important. You need it to stand out from the crowd, grab and hold attention, optimise your visibility on search engines, project a professional aura and communicate in a clear and easy to understand way. The Write Better sessions are aimed … Read More

Business Skills Training

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1. Activate Your Creativity Innovation is the lifeblood of a fast paced modern business in our changing world. Learn how to unleash your creativity in your business to remain competitive and innovative for competitive advantage. 2. Public Speaking 1-on-1 coaching to give anyone the skills and confidence to speak in … Read More

Workshops For Writers

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1. Dealing With Publishers A look at the current state of publishing and how to cope. Strategies and tips on how to find, approach and deal with publishers. 2. Basic intro to Creative writing: where does it come from? Ideas and exercises to get you up and moving when you … Read More

Live Performance

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1. Poetry Journey A 1 hour show of poetry reading, music and story telling that tracks David Chislett’s travels, the conception and publishing of his poetry book and more. 2. Readings A range of options on poetry readings from For You Or Someone Like You, David’s debut poetry collection. 3. … Read More