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There has not been a huge amount in the way of news from me on this blog lately. This has not been because nothing is happening, but rather that a lot has been happening but is not quite ready to launch.

This means that I *still* can’t say too much about some things and in fact, can’t even mention some other things. However, I can let you know about progress on two projects that are close to my heart.

The Rock Star Rules
This idea was first born out of my book ONE TWO ONE TWO as another way of distilling what was in that book into workshop format for artists. However, it soon became clear that the Rockstar Rules were pretty handy tools in any kind of business or industry. As a result, Martin Schofield and I created Unleash Your Inner Rockstar as a keynote address with live music and rock star rules. It was pretty well received but of course I relocated to Amsterdam soon after we did that.

I am very pleased to have found a new partner in crime in Shayne Smart here in Amsterdam. Shayne in a Visual designer and business analyst. He brings very different talents and perspective to the table which as of course mean that the idea has metamorphosed yet again.

Shayne and I have spent since September last year working on a new vision for the Rules and we are nearly done… so expect more about that in the coming months.

The Entrepreneurs Emotional Toolbox
The text is having its final spit and polish and will shortly go into layout. While that has been going on, I have been talking to a few people about ways to bring the book into the world and let it live. There are some very interesting parties here in Amsterdam who are keen to get involved and we are currently working out what that will look like.

I can tell you this though: there will be workshops, Meet-Ups, coaching, chatting and all round sharing. The book as a concept might also have found an actual home to be based from. But on this there will be more and soon!

The Best Of The Rest
In other news, Spring is upon us here in Amsterdam which means I can get back to my soft-stone sculpting efforts… I still have a few chunks lying around that I need to look at and see what is hiding within.

I have also been collating and editing the poetry I have written the last few years. Not sure yet what I am going to do with that, but it’s nice to have it edited and all in one place. I am also slowly adding more pieces to the pile. I see an electric green poetry book somewhere in the future, I am just not sure when.

Despite my five-year effort with my novel ‘JOHANNESBURG,’ I have no plans to try and complete or publish this. It has way too many flaws. My plan is to learn from the experience and move swiftly on. In the meantime, I intend to return to short story writing for a while.

I am still playing music as well. I am reunited with my first ever song-writing partner, Julian Kievit and we have been working on various bits and pieces for the last 3 years. Sooner or later something will emerge from there but we’re not making any plans!

If there is one thing about my own life that I really like, it is the consistently with which these various projects and ideas exist. No matter where I go or what I do, the same ideas and concerns float to the surface. Even now I am encouraged by this. These days though, I am less concerned about what it all means or where it is all going and am trying to focus more on the just doing part.

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