3 Problem Solving Tips

Are you stuck? Not sure how to move ahead?

Chances are, what you need is a new perspective. Nothing complicated. Just a new way of looking at the problems you are trying to solve.

Here are 3 great perspective changers that can help un-stick you:

  • Verbalise The Problem

In your brain, you don’t have to make sentences, follow any logic, or be easy to understand. When you verbalise, you translate that mass of thought into language… and when you talk to someone else, you need to make sure that what you say can be understood. Just doing this will often give you a new way of understanding your problem, and quite of then the act of trying to put it into words will give you at least part of the solution.

  • Sleep On It

This may sound like an old wife’s tale, but modern neuroscience has now proved that, if you go to sleep with a specific issue or challenge on your mind, very often you sub or unconscious mind will continue to process it in your sleep. And, because the dream world isn’t governed by the laws of logic and reason (or any real laws actually) very often you will come away with some meta associations you would never have rationally thought of.

  • Go for volume

Sometimes what is stopping us from finding a solution to a challenge is this idea that there is just one, perfect solution. Free yourself from that tyranny by trying to write down as many solutions as you can in 2-minutes. Make them as crazy, wild and imaginative as you like. The point is not to find the one, perfect solution, but to see how many possibilities there are. Often this process will give you insights into working out the ideal solution from this proliferation of crazy ideas.

These 3 strategies will go a long way to helping you unblock your inventive self and to freeing your intellectual capital. But remember: don’t try too hard and stay positive in your thinking at all times. Creativity makes you happy but being happy can also make you more creative.

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