Patron of Poetry on Patreon

Poetry is one of the earliest art forms practised with language. Hated by schoolboys worldwide, its often viewed as archaic, elitist and stupid.

Which is why I have started a Patreon page to share my poetry with the world. As a working writer, it’s a long road from creation to public sharing. Books are difficult to sell and getting a publishing deal increasingly unlikely.

But in my experience, people who like and want to read poetry don’t care much for publishing deals, red tape and the opinions of others. In fact, they just like what they like. This is the main reason why I decided to do this: create a space where I can share work and enjoy a community of readers who give feedback, interact with the work and share it in the real world. This is my Patreon page (click here!)

It also gives me huge options to cross poems over into songs, audio versions, videos and drawings. It also leaves a door open for collaborations, inspirations and experimentations.

Over time, it leads to performances, discussions and just about anything else that readers might want to experience with the people who create the work they love.

Personally, I like the low barrier to entry: no-one has to shell out a large amount of cash at any stage… a small, regular contribution gets you a steady stream of ‘things’ AND the opportunity to comment, interact and feedback on what is being shared.

Much has been said about the potential for 2-way communication that the internet provides. But for many artists, still locked into traditional means of production and distribution, this is not a day-to-day reality.

Patreon creates that reality… and its one I am looking forward to exploring.

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