5 weeks and counting

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So, I have bought my ticket to the UK, booked for end of April. I have also found a job out in the countryside where I will spend the European summer working. As of 1 May, any blog posts you see here will be from another country and another mind-set.

A lot of people have been asking me WHY? Simple answer is I need a rest, re-boot and re-start.  I do feel like I am less creative, less responsive, more impatient, and a little more jaded. I don’t really like feeling that way about myself.

The other answer is that I can. I have nothing physical or tangible holding me here… like a house, wife, kids, so I can have another grand adventure easily. And easily is a key word here. Nothing has been easy the last couple of years. So here we go, night swimming.

I realise this may not be wise. Maybe short sighted. I just don’t care. This one comes from the gut and I have to go.

I won’t be gone forever, but I suspect I will be gone all of the rest of 2013. My novel Johannesburg will be completed by the time I will leave. My editor marc is catching me up on the subbing, correcting. Then we’ll see what the publishers say… new adventures are always around the corner. I am just kinda sick of planning them!

Suffice to say, the story here will continue. Hopefully we will all make some new friends. I will have to cut off the comments function though. I doubt I will be online enough to keep checking away the amount of spam that it attracts. Sorry, but you can always email me from the contacts page, where ever I am!

If you read this site regularly, I will keep the count-down going until departure day, so don’t run away just yet, OK?

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  1. Peter Chislett

    Good luck Dave, there may be people saying your’e mad, but I believe the majority will be saying you lucky bugger! So go enjoy it I am sure you will have the time of your life, you still have relatives over there and I am sure if you get stuck, which I doubt you will, it is always good to know there is a fall back position for you.
    All the best mate and I look forward to reading of your adventures.

  2. Tania

    Why the hell not!! The world’s too interesting to stay in one place for too long!!

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