509 Words Of Nothing To Say

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It feels like I don’t have much to say at the moment. Every time a reminder pops up from my calendar to tell me to blog, I look at it blankly. Odd, because it’s not like there is nothing going on around here. Quite the contrary.

real me versions
How much more can I tell you without you yawning?

I have had this blog since 2009 I think. Maybe 2008. It’s hard to remember exactly. 2008 I think. Then from about 2004 or 2005 until 2008 I had thechiz.co.za. So that’s 10 years of blogging. Mostly around once a week, at one stage 3 times a week, but at least once a month.

How much can you say about yourself and what you are doing and publish it to the world over a ten year period? I am not even sure. Thanks to desktop theft, laptop hard drive failures, back up fails and website server crashes, I don’t have a complete archive of these two sites that one could use to track an arc or analyse it.

The Real Me
It’s mostly been a quasi-personal platform… I have expressed my thoughts on things but not many of my feelings. An accurate reflection of who I am socially I guess: friendly (mostly) and available, but guarded.

When I started blogging, Facebook didn’t exist. I spread word on my site by sending emails to friends and work associates and commenting on other people’s blogs. I hardly ever read other people’s blogs anymore. Only if I come across a link on Facebook or Twitter, maybe linked in. Do people still blog like they used to? I wouldn’t know.

Social Memedia
In the last 2 years, I have gradually turned Facebook into a more personal space by eliminating  ‘friends’ from my list

Pirate Memedia
Social Memedia: real or unreal?

who were people I may know, like or respect, but who are just not friends in the real world. My commercially oriented activity is now way more focused on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The result is I am enjoying Facebook more, but my website traffic is clearly down. I am wondering if maybe I need to change my publishing focus here as well… go back to being totally business, re-designing the site to look more formal and business like. The wandering year is now over… I need to get lean and mean and business like again. Or do I?

Digital History
I have worked online since 1999… that’s sixteen years of experience. In that time I have heard and seen so many theories about what works and what doesn’t that I no longer believe what any so-called digital marketing or content guru says anymore. Mostly they are just predicting user behaviour based on observed patterns. Which is great for sheep, but no fun for humans.

Everyone who has done ‘this’ thing is successful, so if you do it, you will be too, goes the line. Baaaa!

Hence, I don’t feel like I really have that much to say today. But I am still going to say it. Breaking the rules is great market differentiation. A wonderful USP.
(it also happens to come naturally to me)

Digital History creation
Turning life into digital history

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