A Novel Part 1

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So, I’ve been doing a lot of vague waffling around writing in general instead of talking about the actual writing of the novel. Well, here is a status update!

It has taken a while to get back into the headspace and get some momentum going with writing, I will be honest. But I seem to have slipped back into it this week. The book is broken up into many interlinked parts so what I have been doing since January is working on getting the first part all down and working together. I am weaving a first person internal narrative together with several 3rd person omniscient narrators, and getting the voices correct and separate has been a bit of a task!

So, where I am at is that I am busy pulling the first four parts/chapters together and finishing each of them off. They are crucial for everything that comes next as they are in effect the set-up of the book. In these chapters we meet the lead, 1st person narrator and a host of the ensemble characters that are seen through the 3rd person narration….

One or two of the characters are not very nice, which has been fun to write, but also a few new faces that are NOT in my plan, are making themselves known! Not sure what’s going to happen to them yet, but for the time being I am happily writing them up and seeing where it goes. The structure is pretty cool in this way because I can write what I am feeling or thinking about and slot it in somewhere else later if it doesn’t quite fit where I was writing it now…

On a more practical note, I am developing a fun new naming/filing protocol to account for all these pieces as I go along and am working in a totally different way with this book compared to others. It’s all good, I guess there is no golden rule with how you collect and collate your material, as long as YOU can understand it at the end of the day. And yes, before you ask, I am backing it all up! I have an external drive AND I am copying my files across to Dropbox as I go along!

By the end of this week I sense I will have this first section all down and neat and today and written up (well, first draft style anyway) and next week can start to set sail into some of the murkier water that lies ahead. This bedrock laying has been cool. Its nice to walk the space I have been plotting and researching for so long and check out the actual room, where still needs extending and where I may not go after all.

So, happy Wednesday to you all. I am off to hit the pavements now and do some speed work in the streets! Ciao!

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