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I got a great reaction last week from someone who has read my book, and then wanted a consultation to take his ideas further. He sent me this afterwards. It’s nice to know when what one is doing is being apreciated!

Hi David

I would like to thank you for writing such a wonderful, genuine and useful book. From the first page, I could tell that the book was written to genuinely address from the most obvious to the most ignored and pertinent issues in the music business. Also very notable about the book is how simple it is to comprehend and fun an insight it is to the business. It is a book that is wittily written, making it easy for an individual with zero to basic, intermediate or advanced knowledge of the music business to enjoy and draw huge volumes of wisdom from.

I appreciate how, through the book, you emphasise the business aspect of the industry, more than the perks and benefits of being an industry player. It has personally helped and developed me in so many ways to an extent that I have started implementing some action items you highlight in the book, thus adding much more sense into what I am doing and my choice to make music my career.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience through this book. I am constantly recommending it as a useful and great read and tool to all my friends who want to be in the industry as musicians, promoters or managers. May it reach more people and help grow an industry that we all love.

Kind regards,

Sabelo Mthembu


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