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portrait: David Chislett
Portrait by Andrew Chislett

I believe that creativity is part of human nature. It is what sets us apart from the other creatures on this planet. It can be identified, cultivated and grown much like any other skill. It is not, as others believe, a talent that only the select few possess. Rather, I believe it is innate and is behind our ability to problem solve, analyse, innovate and progress.

I activate people’s dreams and desires by helping them tap into that creativity. Whether you are a project manager, a manager, a labourer, teacher or painter, everyday life throws an ongoing array of problems at us that need solutions. Creativity is how we arrive at those solutions.

I am a writer, trainer and speaker who operates at the intersection of entrepreneurship, creativity and communications. Born in Portsmouth, England, raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

An established speaker and trainer, I have a long track record in activating creativity, training business English, leadership & soft business skills and business skills for artists. I have also been known to MC and have hosted events from expos to conferences and live events.

Combined with twenty years of self-employment, this all adds up to a grab bag of experiences, stories and advice that I share with companies, individuals and projects. My aim is always to clarify thinking, create new solutions and to get better by seeing more clearly.

I have a catalogue of business experience covering subjects from creative activations, the business secrets of the music industry and the many years of work as an entrepreneur.  Because I have a wide range of interests, I am always flexible and adaptable in my approach to public speaking. My training in opera singing and public speaking is how I sustain the vocal work-load of all this talking.

I speak both English and Dutch and am available for spoken word performances, guest speaking, MC-ing and hosting of functions or events.

My history with speaking goes back to high school where I took part in public speaking, debating and theatre before graduating to national radio in 1994 and a career in the music business.  Today I am also a poet and public speaker who works with entrepreneurs and companies on creativity, resilience, motivation and inspiration. I have lectured at businesses, universities and NGO’s  on creative writing and its processes and performed at numerous spoken word evenings around the world.

I was awarded the Ernst Van Heerden Creative Writing Award in 1998 for the short story: The Pin Stripe Punk. In 2001 I created and edited a series of collections of short fiction by previously unpublished authors called the Urban Series (volumes 1, 2 and 3). I also have a story in “From Joburg To Jozi” (Penguin). My debut collection of short stories, A Body Remembered, was published through Ge’Ko in August 2009. Then, my music industry guide-book,  1,2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide to the SA Music Industry was published in SA in September 2010. In July 2012, I released my debut poetry collection, For You Or Someone Like You.  I published The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox in september 2017.

Let’s talk about how I can help you OR your organisation activate your creativity and start to innovate in the world around you.

Click here to send me an email and let’s discuss how my experience and skills can help you with the challenges you face, be they personal or professional, group or individual.