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In response so a few queries from friends and readers, I can confirm that I am and have been writing more poetry while I am traveling. Initially, when I was still in the UK and later on the road in Europe, I was working on a series of poems exploring the idea of ‘home’ and the different things that it can mean.

This I suspect will be an ongoing project for some time. Right now though I am working on a different idea. Anyone who is friends with me on facebook will have seen the Amsterdammering Steps that I have been posting. This new sequence of poems is the poetic equivalent of those status updates. I am looking with an outsiders eye at an old city that seems very new to me. And I am also learning a new language and culture while trying to work and lead what passes for a normal life… So these poems are like a daily journal of experience and observation.

In some ways, a few of these poems go with the photographs I have been taking of the city and I will also be combining some of them with photo’s in the future.

This one is just an observation poem really…. Happy Friday everyone!


In the night
When the bladder
Calls you from dreams to porcelain
It is never truly dark
No matter tiny new moon or full
The ancient streets
Alongside the grachte
Shimmer and glow through the night
Streetlamps, busy lives,
A reflecting canopy of clouds
All conspire to light the view
With a glow bright enough
To stumble by
I pause to admire
The silence
Reflecting from old brick and still water
At the busy-ness of my mind

©David Chislett 2014

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