And The Tale Turns…

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It’s been a big week over Linden side this week with plenty of new developments and some big decisions taken. Oh, and its only Thursday morning, so time for some more as well!

I started the training portion of my contract with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) on Monday and am training every day from 9-1 at Media 24 for the next couple of months. This is by far the most time intensive training I will have ever done and it is going to be interesting to se how I adapt to training people every day for 4 months!

So far, it is all going pretty well, with no MAJOR hiccups having taken place. Bit of a learning curve none the less, but we are definitely on the right track.

Then on Tuesday I drove through to Midrand to collect the CD’s that go with For You Or Someone Like You. The album sounds amazing. Thanks very much to Tammy at Open Room and Daryl Torr for the amazing job they did of recording 3 of the tracks and mastering the lot into a cohesive whole. It really has exceeded my expectations and I hope it will exceed yours as well! Will definitely be at The Irish pub on Friday celebrating that!

Poetry CD
The box of CD’s from Hybrid Media

I am also giving notice on the flat where I have lived now for 3 years which is in a block where I will have lived for 5 years all together. This is the longest I have lived in one place for ages and, combined with the other 4 years since I returned from my last trip abroad, the single longest stretch I have lived in one town since I was 16!

The Kitties
Thalia and Orpheus cuddling on the couch in the cold

I will be moving in with a good friend for a few months before embarking on a bit of a world tour.. DCWT as Evan Milton has dubbed it. There will be more news on that as things get confirmed. What this means though is that I have to find a loving new home for my two furry children, Orpheus and Thalia. My cats have been with me for eleven years but I feel it is just too mean to ship them from place to place for the next 12 or so months while my plans take shape. I would rather pass them along to a new loving owner and be able to visit them maybe.

In the midst of all this, I am also preparing for the launch of For You Or Someone Like You on Tuesday 10 July… it is indeed a busy winter. But then, I realise, all my winters are very busy. It is always the most productive time of year for me… Summer it seems is reserved for relaxing!

Happy Thursday everyone, see you next week!

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