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Wade Cox is an American author, born in 1973. He grew up in the city of Salem, located in Southwest Virginia but has also lived California (where his first book  takes place) and Florida.  He has been a writer for about 10 years, with 1 published novel, and a list of unpublished short stories and screenplays to his credit.

Why Write – Wade Cox

What lead me to my writing passion? Well, I wanted something to do with my life that didn’t involve a lot of work. Ok, so I didn’t quite make it. Writing, at least writing well, is a lot of work. But it’s work that I actually enjoy.

When I was preschool age, my mother read to my brother and I. A LOT. My dad would also make up bedtime stories to tell us that ranged all over the place in scope and subject matter. Some took place in the past, some on other planets in the future. These two things combined to spawn my love of reading, stories, and the printed word in general.

I always was creative, and did well on research papers and book reports in school. When I got to college, I had to take some kind of English class to satisfy the General Education requirements. I was a business major – don’t ask. It didn’t turn out well. So I took a couple of classes in creative writing.

We wrote everything; short stories, movie reviews, non-fic summaries. Basically, it was a free-for-all; anything that would cover whatever topic we were studying at the time. I had finally found a voice for all these ghosts that had been whispering stories in my ears since my childhood.

Then I got out of college and joined the rat race. Suddenly, my free time and creative energy was reduced to being almost non-existent. All in the name of making a buck. Since I had been a marketing major, I bounced around through a few sales jobs, but couldn’t find one that stuck. Some people thrive in that environment; I’m just not one of them apparently.

After I had relocated from Virginia to California for one job (to sell advertising in magazines), the economy took a nosedive and I was suddenly out of work. I found I was free to pursue my creative spark once again. Anyone in Los Angeles, assuming they have opposable thumbs, is required to write a script. I’m pretty sure it’s in the law somewhere.

I opened up the word processer and started outlining this story I’d had bouncing around in my head. Turns out, the process wasn’t as hard for me as some people try to make it seem. The words just seemed to flow out of my fingers.

That’s when I began to call myself a writer. Some of the best advice I read said that if you have started writing with the intention of doing something with it, print up business cards and call yourself a writer. After all, that’s what you are.

The first novel I wrote is the first one I published. It’s called Bootleg Spirits, and is sort of a paranormal romance/gangster/thriller. It is the story of a widower auto mechanic who meets and falls in love with a ghost. Of course, her Mafioso boyfriend certainly doesn’t want to give up on her, just because they’re both dead.

I’ve also completed numerous short stories and a few film projects here and there. I keep several projects open at once. It helps keep my writing fresh – if I get tired of or stuck on a certain story, I’ll just move to another one and come back to it later.

For more on my writing, to purchase the book, or check out my other projects, please check me out at . Happy Reading!

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