Another Looooong Weekend Dawns

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Oh look, its Friday. Coulda sworn it was Sunday or something really.

Every year I forget what a waste of space April is in South Africa. Every year it really gets in the way of my plans! Easter is one thing, but this cluster of other holidays as well? All at the same time? No really! Is this really necessary

I know the salaried drones LOVE it, but for those of us who don’t pull a pay check, these things hurt. Especially when the people supposed to be paying our pay checks go on leave and don’t make provision to pay us anyway… nice!

The BIG news is that SA sci-fi writer Lauren Beukes just won the Arthur C Clarke sci fi writing prize for her novel Zoo City! So if you haven’t read it, I reckon you should shoot out and buy it now. I do have to crow about this cos Lauren was one of the authors showcased in the urban series way back in the early 2000’s… yeah yeah, I know I know, I had nothing to do with her success, but it’s cool to see people who get a break pushing through to the logical conclusion! You Go Lauren!

Anyway, here we are. April is all but dead and buried and next week is May… can anyone explain to me exactly how that happened? I mean look, I know I have been busy running around the countryside etc, but honestly, really? Already May?

On the news front, I am off to Durban, Port Elizabeth and George during May… possibly CT again in early June… more workshops, more consultations. The good news is that the poetry anthology I have been threatening is now going to happen in August. I was going to try and do it earlier, but I kinda like the symmetry of releasing 3 books 3 years in a row at the same kinda time, so August it will be!

Otherwise, truth be told, there aint much to tell! Wee e e lll except I think I have a new idea for another novel, but it would be foolish to be mouthing off about that here wouldn’t it?

Have another splendid long weekend, why don’t you all?

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