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No SOP’s, No Best Practice

If you want a culture of innovation where new and amazing things can be created, you need to create a workplace where experimentation, iteration, and failure are encouraged and admired.

Just For Today

It is no coincidence that mental health issues are on the rise. We have never been more disconnected from the physical world around us. Instead of using our technology to enhance our experience, we are using it to replace our experience.

Existence Resistance

The way we live our lives in the West is untenable, unsustainable and unethical. To enjoy the benefits of a multitude of cheap goods and food, somewhere in the world there have to be people working for next to nothing.

Viral not viral: A Social Media Lesson

The video has achieved a reach I did not expect. In theory, I could have turned that reach into exposure and followers not just on YouTube but for me professionally if I had done all the right stuff:

David Bowie On Bells

Bowie was a creative radical who wasn’t afraid to ‘steal’ from the work of others. He would have approved of this rendition as he no doubt approved of all the musicians he influenced after his ride to stardom.