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The 4 Ps of Creativity

I’ve written repeatedly and at length about how people seem stuck on mistaking Creativity for Art. One of the key reasons that I haven’t discussed as yet, is the 4 P’s view on Creativity. The 4P’s provide a model of creativity: a framework in which it is easier to understand what goes on when people are creative

End of Year Creativity Coaching Offer

Are you looking to make 2019 your year? This is the time when many people look to set new goals, establish priorities and think about improvements in life and in work. Creativity routinely appears on lists of the most Must-Have skills for professionals of the future....

Amanda and Neil (A love lesson)

Last week, I read a long blog by Amanda Palmer over on Patreon, about how she met Neil Gaiman and how that changed her life.
It left me thinking about how often many of us dream of such meetings but never seem to land in their path.

Creativity Requires Structure

Repeat that headline to an artist and they will laugh at you. But that’s OK. Art is just one product of creativity, remember? It is not creativity itself. What the research shows is that if you set aside time, make room to repeatedly do it, you get better at it....

Solve More Problems: Stretch Your Self

Company cultures don’t always leave room for a total focus on innovation and change. But all companies love a problem solver. One of the most effective ways to enhance your personal work performance is to become better at problem-solving.

Be Positive, Be More Creative

Brainstorms often fail to deliver anything interesting a lot of the time, mostly because, sooner or later, someone starts saying, “Yes, but…” Yes but we can’t afford that, yes but we don’t have the right skills, yes but does that fit our strategy, yes but… yes but....

The Power Of Reading

About a year ago, I started to read books in a pretty serious way. I was focused an intent and keen to learn new things. I base my Creativity training to a large extent on my own experiences. But in an international marketplace, this was never going to be enough. I...

Tolerate Complexity

People like simplicity. They don’t like it when things get complicated. But they also often make the mistake of confusing complexity with complicated. defines complex as ‘composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite.’ It defines...

Hagen Engler on Creativity

Hagen Engler is a highly creative individual who has managed to make creativity his job as well as his passion. He is a journalist with over twenty years of journalism and editorial experience behind him. He is also a poet, novelist and musician… he really manages to...