I write regular articles about creativity and creative people here. This is where you can find my archive of pieces on other subjects as well

Supporting New Ideas

Creativity is what allows us to add value in business, to solve problems in life and come up with the ideas that can revolutionise our world. But all too often, our appreciation of this ability is too one dimensional.

Lessons From Innsbruck

At the beginning of almost every group training interaction I have, I say, ‘This is a 3-way learning process’ and last week that was just as true as ever.

The B52s on Innovation

The lesson is that to be innovative and differentiate yourself from the crowd, you don’t need to have that one big idea. In fact, it is often way more useful to have a series of smaller ideas.

Resist… your Habits

We all have and follow patterns. Typically, we call these habits. Sometimes these habits are so conspicuous and so ingrained that they come to define, to a certain extent, who we are.