I write regular articles about creativity and creative people here. This is where you can find my archive of pieces on other subjects as well

Technology versus Art

Technology is just as much a product of the human creative instinct as art. It is possibly more collective, more commercial and more practical, but it is no less creative.

Which F*ck Shall I Give Today?

Don’t be put off by the hype. If you are feeling swamped, out of control and without options, read this book. It can really help you to work through what is and isn’t really worth giving a f*ck about…

Focus (on what is important)

The life of a solo entrepreneur in fantastic, exciting, flexible and sometimes damn hard work. Literally, everything needs to come from within you. Especially when deals are thin, and clients are few.

Older, Wiser, More Creative

Our society doesn’t really value knowledge and experience. We flush it away all too soon, embarrassed by its wrinkles, poor eyesight, deafness and general unattractiveness (or something).

Timing Is Everything

We could all improve our productive output on a daily basis by becoming more aware of our own rhythms, when things are cooking and when we’re chopping carrots.