I write regular articles about creativity and creative people here. This is where you can find my archive of pieces on other subjects as well

Timing Is Everything

We could all improve our productive output on a daily basis by becoming more aware of our own rhythms, when things are cooking and when we’re chopping carrots.

An Environment For Change

A quick glance around most corporate offices and you’ll feel right at home. They all look the same. Which means that it’s unstimulating for change. Uniform cubicles, uniform décor, uniform outfits. They call it company culture.

Making Much From Little

It’s really easy to complain about time, resources and ideas when we are under pressure to produce. But the music industry keeps on putting out examples of how limited resources are really never the issue when it comes to new ideas, innovation and/or invention. Most...

The 4 Ps of Creativity

I’ve written repeatedly and at length about how people seem stuck on mistaking Creativity for Art. One of the key reasons that I haven’t discussed as yet, is the 4 P’s view on Creativity. The 4P’s provide a model of creativity: a framework in which it is easier to understand what goes on when people are creative