Astrid Harrewijn on Creativty

Astrid Harrewijn is a Dutch author with ten published books to her name so far. Her short stories have also featured in several magazines and two collections.

Her career as a writer was launched when she won the Jill Mansell writing competition in the Netherlands in 2006. Astrid’s work is loosely described as Chiclit… or as romantic and comedic feel-good stories. What becomes obvious throughout the interview though, is that Astrid is far from the kind of person you might assume from the description of her work.

Prior to her success as a writer, Astrid studied law and worked as a translator. She still has Language company AtotZ Taalproducties, which stands for A to Z, but also for Astrid Zegers (my maiden name).

She is also a big Art fan, her latest trilogy of books was set on Museumplein in Amsterdam and art is the main theme.

One of the most interesting parts of Astrid’s interview is where she speaks about the difference between creativity and a creative job as well as when she talks about what her work as a writer has given her as a human being.

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