Back Into The Groove

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It seems it takes the coldest days of the year so far to get me back into action. In many ways, the protracted warmth of our lovely long autumn has kept me basking instead of working! But finally, as winter settles its grip on us, I am back in the groove… well many grooves actually.

A large training facilitation contract with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) kicks off at the end of June and there are some bits and pieces of final tweaking and adjusting and fine tuning that need to take place. I am working on that all of this week and probably the next as well.

Secondly, as you are all aware, my poetry book is at the printers and I hope to see the final article by the end of this week. I am also going into studio at Open Room in Greenside on Wednesday to record the final few songs for the accompanying CD and getting a master mix done. And that of course means I have to rehearse the hell out of the poem that I am recording….

I have never recorded myself playing guitar. I did bass once in about 1992 and never again since! I am hoping my playing has improved enough to not take too long to get it right! I don’t have much choice though as I only have the two days booked and the master must go off to the manufacturers, Hybrid media, before the end of Thursday!

I have also dived back into the novel head first. I am now working on the final chapter of sub-section 2, which puts me half way through part 1 of the book (Summer)… The organic progression through my research, earlier written down ideas, my everyday life and the plan I had devised is of constant surprise and interest to me.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for all the work I did on the planning side about a year ago. I have many times lost steam and direction and would never have been able to start over again were it not for all my notes, the logical progression of ideas they record and this broad skeleton I am following.

By Friday of this week I will have finished that chapter. Then I am sending it off for a critical read from a friend and starting to settle down to plot out what happens next in greater detail. This set up phase has gone well, but I suspect that, if this text is to hang together as intended, I need to do some more detailed thinking about the road ahead. Just bullet points, but I do have 136 chapters/sections still to go!

The upshot of all of this is that I have to make some hard decisions about other work. Obviously I cannot turn it all down because I will lose momentum and once the contract is over, have no flow left. But I am going to need to sleep somewhere!

I will be posting pictures of the recording process and the book delivery as the day’s progress, so keep on coming in to say hello!


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