Be Creative: Step Back

As a society, we have the idea of creativity all wrong. It sits in a box labelled “ART” and sensible people know they shouldn’t got there.

But we forget being children, we ignore that every problem you solve, everything you adapt, is utilising creativity… everyday creativity. How do we get to that forgetfulness?

Regrettably, it gets schooled out of us. The urge gets reviled, downgraded, pushed aside.

This award-winning short film shows it best:

How can rectify this situation?

Well, it’s quite simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.
Observe better
Suspend judgement, allow things to unravel
Don’t insist on a direction too early.

Like a child does. Forget Mozart and Bill Gates. These are not good models for creativity. They are something else which we’ll get to. Remember yourself. Mould your environment, by making every day creative decisions and make them consciously.

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