Be Healthy: Be Creative

Be Healthy – Be Creative

Of course, I would say this. Being creative and all, of course, I am going to claim it’s healthy.

Surprising truth is, medical science has proved it.

It’s a bit like what psychologists say about being yourself: trying to suppress your inherent nature is unhealthy and results in stress and anxiety that manifest themselves in disease and ill-health.

Creativity is just as inherent as WHO you are, perhaps more so as no nurture is required.

In their article What are the health benefits of being creative? Medical News Today refers to several studies that prove the link between creativity and good health.

They cite 3 major areas of health that benefit from being creative:

Improved Mental Health
Brain-boosting effects
Physical health benefits

The physical health benefits aspect is the most interesting to me… There seems to be a correlation between creative expression and our immune systems. There has been a randomised trial on people undergoing HIV treatment who were also using expressive writing as therapy… and the writing boosted their immune response when compared to those who were not. The scientists don’t know quite yet HOW or even WHY this happens, but the expressive writing does result in an increased CD4+ lymphocyte count.

The implications of this are mind-boggling.

It means that not only is creativity good for business because of the obvious innovation and empowerment advantages, creativity can help make employees happier, healthier and more effective. Basically, businesses with a culture of innovation, who foster creativity, are helping their employees stay sane, boosting their learning abilities and their actual physical health.

Read, the article, I’d be interested to hear your responses:

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