Best Performing Blogs of 2017

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I am analysing the difference between the blogs I loved to write and the ones that have performed well… and while I was doing that, I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick look at my greatest hots for 2017…

So here are my top 5 performing blogs for the year… interestingly, not all of them written in 2017, but still getting good traffic!

The page that did the most traffic was the download page for my book The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox with 400 page views… A figure I am pretty pleased with seeing as that only went live in September.

Johnny Rotten Dave ChislettNumber 1: Meeting Johnny Rotten 372 page views

Number 2: On incubator hubs and Solo work 176 page views

Number 3: The Patience of Job 174 page views

Number 4: Carry a notebook 150 page views

Number 5: From Wild Youth to Neue Wild 147 page views

Please leave a comment with what YOUR favourite blog of mine was during 2017… I am very curious to hear your opinions!

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