Better English For Better Business

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English has become the international language of business. It is now more important than ever to have good English skills to navigate the international opportunities of modern business.

To meet this need, I offer a diverse range of training and coaching to help modern, international professionals improve both their spoken and written skills and their understanding of heard and written English.

I offer:926

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group and individual programmes
  • English Job interview coaching
  • Presentation training
  • Public Speaking coaching
  • English business writing coaching
  • Entrepreneur coaching in English and Dutch

If you a professional working in Amsterdam, you need English in your day to day business as well as to conduct interviews and presentations. Or maybe you are applying for a job at an international company and your job interview is in English.

Through an interview process I create customised solutions that will meet your needs and goals to help you improve your English. If you struggle with speaking in public and now have to do it in English, I can offer you the combined solution of improving your English language accuracy while coaching you in public speaking techniques.

This is a select, customised coaching service to professionals to help you prepare yourself and your materials properly so that you can make the best impression possible.

I am an experienced Celta qualified business English teacher, with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. I bring not only language training skills to the table, but real experience of the English speaking business world and a background in professional speaking and broadcasting. Full details of my work history are available in the About Me section of this website.

Training is available in highly targeted, one-off sessions or as a series of coaching sessions. This one-on-one offering is aimed at making you more confident, better prepared and a better user of professional English.

You can get in touch via the contact page here or mail me on

A little bit of preparation goes a very long way.

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