Birthday Month Musings

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Today is the 31st of July which means that the month of my birth, August, starts tomorrow. The 23rd of August this year marks the close of my 43rd year on planet earth and the start of my 44th year of adventures.

LeoMy birthday month always makes me introspective. This year it is also the month that I start with a concerted bunch of travelling. Weirdly enough, it was during my 4th year of life that my parents packed up our entire family, put us aboard a Union Castle ocean liner and took us to South Africa from England.

I see so many cycles and circles at play in my life generally speaking, but the congruence of those numbers pleases me. I am no numerologist so I am not aware of any arcane significance, I just like the symmetry. The last year for me has been one of profound and far-reaching change as I packed up 10 years of living back in South Africa and Johannesburg and chose to leave to go a-roaming once more.

In the 3 months that I have been away so far I have changed in more noticeable ways: like losing nearly 20 kilograms, growing my hair and generally becoming more visibly relaxed. No longer being under the strains of self employment and bill paying has become visible on my face.

It is as I notice these changes that I become more determined to just stay out here, on the perimeter. This means I have started to look in all seriousness for other ways to live and to be and to do what I want to do. It changes the end of the game scenario from one of definitely returning to South Africa perhaps, or settling in the UK to a flat out: I don’t know.

What I do know is this:
My last day of work at the country pub is 22 August
It’s my birthday the next day
On the 27th of August I board the Eurostar for Paris, en route to Barcelona where I will spend about 10 days.
With me I will have about 15kg’s of luggage and a guitar and the intention to reach Amsterdam by 6 October so I can see The Pixies live in concert.

Whatever happens along the way happens!

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