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It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on this blog. Not only have I been very busy, I have not had much to write about. I seem to have hit one of the still troughs that characterise my creative life. Stuff is moving around slowly in the depths below the range of my conscious inner eye but on the surface it’s just been work and living life.

Which is not to say there has been no fun. I have been toying with the idea of organising and offering an Amsterdam Brewery tour as a regular outing for, well, anyone really. Maybe even paying clients. So four of us set off at 2om on a Saturday afternoon couple of weeks back. Me and three Dutch guys, all beer enthusiasts to a certain degree. 5 breweries and 9 hours later I have to concede that as a regular tourist activity this is NOT a good idea! But man did we have fun!

We went to 5 Breweries:
Amsterdam Brewing Company
Butcher’s Tears
Brouwerij ‘t Ij
De Bekeerde Suster

And a mighty good time was had by all. Apart from tasting a wide range of very different beers (numbers withheld to

protect the not-so-innocent) we also got to see parts of Amsterdam, and bars that not even the local guys had seen.  IF I ever do it again, we lose The Amsterdam Brewing Company and start with lunch, taste all afternoon and finish with dinner… that should help prevent the wheels falling off quite as much as they did.
Damage registered:
I puncture
1 bent pedal
1 torn jacket
1 bruised finger

But I do have a chunk of work on the new novel down, and during last week, with the aid of Julian Kievit, I was able to resolve the first narrative dilemma that was stalling work. So, in theory, I start again next Monday. This Saturday I take the first draft of chapter one to my Saturday Morning writers group for a temperature test and see what everyone thinks…. Should be fun!

But apart from that… ja well no fine!

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