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So, the waiting is over and the mystery revealed… I am really excited to be launching six brand new workshops!

Since December, I have been working hard to pull together three new workshops aimed at individuals and three more aimed at businesses or teams within companies. You can check them out by visiting my new-look services page for all the detailed information.

Workshops you can use

People are always asking how it is that I do what I do with writing, music and ideas. These workshops are the answer to that… backed by scientific research, interviews with professionals, and more than 25 years of creative and business experience.

All of these new workshops are practical and easy to understand. They are tailored to each and every client’s needs and situation. They deliver usable, repeatable results by sharing research, methods, and tools for improving access to creativity and practicing it.

This might just change your life

Apart from activating your creativity, these workshops will empower you to be more observant, analytical and decisive. Be warned though, because this may change your life… for the good of course. You’ll grow in new ways, under your own control, as you begin to understand HOW to come up with new ideas and WHAT to do with them when you do.

In short, become more creative, become more happy!

* * * Book today and get 50% off * * *

To celebrate the launch of these new services, there is a Lucky 13 special on right now. The first 13 people or companies to book a training or workshop get 50% off, so get clicking and see which one you prefer.

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