Burn The Excess!

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The beginning of a new year is always an interesting time. On an individual level, everyone is generally upbeat, optimistic and enthusiastic. But as a freelancer, self employed type I can tell you, it can be hell!

Here in South Africa we really have the shortest working year on earth. Think about it… everything pretty much starts to grind to a halt in November already. Nobody really starts to work until Mid Feb and April is a complete right off thanks to public holidays… that amounts to four and a half months of virtual go-slow… which is lovely when you are pulling a salary but means you have 7 months to earn a year’s wage as a self employed peon…

I wonder really how big companies function when so much time is spent in indecision, meetings, constant political warfare and the advancement of staff ego over doing the work they are supposed to be doing. As an outside you get flung about on the currents of all of this on a day to day basis. Nothing personal though, you understand, that is just the way it is.

What has come to disturb me about this attitude is though that it is true: it is nothing personal. None of these people would ever dream of treating another human being this badly face to face over a personal issue or interaction. But over business it is fine. It is my feeling that it is precisely this divide between personal responsibility and business practice that has led our civilisation on to the brink that it currently teeters… We all know that what big corporations do is reprehensible and yet their employees just shrug and go, “I was just doing what I was told. That’s business.” But is it really? Isn’t that what many SS troops said about the Holocaust? And aren’t we basically committed heinous crimes against humanity by allowing big business the freedom it enjoys to maximise its profits while completely over riding the basic human rights of the many?

By doing things in the name of business that we would never do to our friends, aren’t we all essentially being complete hypocrites? Aren’t we perpetuating the social ills we see around us? Burn the excess: Keep prices high!

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.
Let me leave you with a few lyrics from a song by a band called archive:

Come find me
Let me be the lesser of a beautiful man
Without the blood on his hands
Come and make me a martyr
Come and break my feeling
With your violence
Put the gun in my hand

Ready to take…
Ready to take…
Ready to take…
Ready to take…
…Out anyone, anywhere
Anyone, anywhere
Anyone, anywhere
Anyone, anywhere
Anyone, anywhere
(Archive – Bullets)

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    Yep, could not agree with you more Dave!
    Hope things are going well on your side!

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