Business Skills Training

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1. Activate Your Creativity
Innovation is the lifeblood of a fast paced modern business in our changing world. Learn how to unleash your creativity in your business to remain competitive and innovative for competitive advantage.

2. Public Speaking
1-on-1 coaching to give anyone the skills and confidence to speak in front of groups for any occasion. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques of professional speakers to look more confident, accomplished and professional when giving speeches, presentations and speaking in meetings.

3. Business Writing
Thanks to digital communications, writing has never been as important as it is today. Learn how to write more effectively and clearly and improve your overall written communications skills. Writing is a powerful and important business tool that very few people ever really learn to master. This course will help you improve the impact of everything you write, no matter the purpose. Either 1-on-1 or groups

4. Lessons From The Music Business
The music industry was nearly wiped out by changes brought about by technology, new business models and public apathy. But it is still here. All Businesses can learn a lot from its survival, including yours.

Contact me so that we can discuss the range and scope of your situation and discover what solution best suits your needs. Prices for all of the above vary but start at €75.00 per hour.

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