Cape Town Dreaming

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I have just returned from launching my book “1, 2, 1, 2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry” in Cape Town, a place I lived for five years (albeit it over 7 years ago now)

As is my wont I did not do this in a book store, but in a friend’s nightclub. Sailor Jerry rum very kindly came on board with some nice rum cocktails at the door for all my guests and Kevin Winder at Mercury Lounge, and all his staff were great. I am never sure what to expect from Cape Town with events, and never have been. But when you have around 60 odd people saying they will be there, you don’t really expect to see barely 25.

None the less, it was a good evening, and some old friends came long to support and we had a good time. What was the highlight of my trip however, was the Start Smart workshop upstairs at the Mercury Live. Again, not he biggest turn out, but the perfect one: knowledgeable enough to benefit from the work shop and full of intelligent questions and clearly determined to work. It was great.

Net result for 2 events is that a sold a nice amount of books, got some samples out to great media people and had to fun evenings. So a big shout of thanks to Sailor Jerry and Kevin, the Mercury and its staff.

The Friday night was left for R&R but I ended up back at the Mercury acting as impromptu MC for Aike and Then Fuzigish as they opened their CT shows. Always a good laugh doing that, and it was a full, crazy night.

Here in JHB it is so hot that I am pretty much spending all my days and nights in shorts and T shorts. CT by contrast was hugely changeable, cool and rainy. I feel now that by living in JHB and visiting CT I really do get the best of both worlds. And just when the slowed up vibes of Ct are beginning to drive me nuts, I can fly back to my high-speed paradise of Johannesburg!

1,2,1,2 is now well and truly launched. It is available in Look and Listens, Exclusive Books, and various independent book stores and chains across South Africa as well as online here. Now it’s just for the media exposure to start kicking in and I hope everyone who is reading this blog ends up with a copy! The big, concerted push is done, now the long haul starts!

  1. Marina

    Glad it all went well!! Didn’t expect anything less 🙂

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