Cape Town: Mother Funking City!

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So, here I am looking out over the sea at The Dolphin Inn in Cape Town… my favourite place to stay. Its day 3 and its all looking good! I just go back from my 2nd 6km run of the week, day is breaking and I have a nice fun day of training facilitation to look forward to.

My last week in Johannesburg will go down in my personal annuls as a beast of epic proportion. 2 8-hour training days, a 2-hour corporate presentation, a 1-hour live performance, a birthday party and moving house.. all in one week. Oh and then flying to CT in order to stay her for 2 weeks… not your average week.

Martin Schofield and I did our Unleash Your Inner Rockstar show for Adcock Ingram in Midrand and it went down really well. From there I scootled across to Montecasino and Skoobs books hop for my evening show… It was quiet, but I sold a book to 80% of the people in attendance… that’s pretty good!

This week in Cape Town sees 5 days of training facilitation with Media 24, 2x 45-minute guest presentations on the music industry at COPA CT, a live performance at The Mercury with Shannon Hope on Thursday night and a sun-downer set at The Dolphin Inn on Friday…. another doozey of a week.

I love being busy. I confess, I love bragging about it, I love the adrenalin, I love how it pushes me. I need to get better at performing so I need to perform more. I need to get better at the keynote, so we need to book more… it’s all growing and growing!

I have also found out that I am part of the line-up for the Melville Poetry Festival in JHB in October (more details TBC) which I am very excited about. I am also in touch with Jaipur, Beijing, New Zealand Book Month, The Sydney Literature Festival and Karachi Pakistan re bookings next year. It’s a big wheel I am pushing, but she is beginning to roll!

Meantime, it is typical winter weather in Cape Town… overcast and rainy, but not freezing. I am loving being here. I have very fond memories of the 5-years that I lived in the city and I am looking forward to this month of living here once again!

There will be more news to follow, but for now, thank you! Catch you next week!

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