Closing Down A week

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Sometimes weeks just seem to end with a whimper. Like this one. I would be hard pressed to tell you what I actually did, but I know I was busy. Man I am tired.

It could be that I am waiting for my books to arrive in JHB, that the excitement and the suspense is keeping me awake at night. It could be the fact that my poetry anthology is taking physical shape, that soon I will be in Kenya shooting more for Punk In Africa, or that my friends and I have come up with another great music documentary film idea. Or it could all just be that rising thrill of the arrival of summer, the threat of giant thunder storms and the pure, unfettered enthusiasm ozone releases into the air after a lightening strike. I don’t care. But I can’t sleep. And the neighbour’s rooster really doesn’t help!

Creatively a chequered week as well. I am doing a lot of work on my epic novel. Mainly on crafting the lead character I have now decided my ideas lacked, and who provides the main narrative rationale for the book as a whole. Now I see my ensemble cast pivoting around his central narrative, adding sub plots, alternative narrative and sub text to the frame… It all sounds nice, but I am no closer to starting to write the actual story…

I have also now confirmed a layout artist and designer for my poetry anthology, which I am very excited about… but more on that later.

Work wise it’s been TV script week and little else. I am working on various avenues to explore getting my music business workshops out to the rest of the country, but until that book arrives, I am being cautious!

However, I have an old friend’s Four Oh! Party to look forward and the notion of some rest for a change… all good!

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  1. Erika

    Looking forward to reading your book, where do we get it?

  2. David

    launch is 29 september, after that it will be in Exclusive Books and Look and Listens countrywide!

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