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This is the first in a series of posts from guest bloggers on These guests are all writers, they all have something relatively new available and they are from all over South African and the rest of the world.

My first guest is Amercian fantsay author, Mark Tierno and here is his guest post:

Meet Maldene

Maldene is a world, far off amongst the stars, an Earth-swallowing sphere.  A world of magic and mysteries, a world where Fate has taken a vested interest, for in it lies that which can change everything.  The future of the stars themselves.

But this is the beginning of the epic, one that will span several continents, other worlds, thousands of years, and hundreds of characters in a story told over thirteen novels.  “Maldene” begins with a group of apparently simple adventurers on their first exploratory of far-flung parts of the world, allegedly in search of fortune.  But everyone has their own secret motives, motives that lead to far more than simple treasure hunting.  For the seed of this first journey was planted by a blind soothsayer with golden skin and eyes to match.  A test to see if they can survive a terrifying ordeal to become the heroes that a mysterious king needs to help him fight the most evil villain any world has ever known:  Miro (pronounced My-ro).  Legends of Miro date back deep into the mists of Time, and it is said that even the gods fear him.

Thus the story begins with nearly carefree concerns, and while this first novel ends with a quest that culminates in a battle as epic as any in the annals of Fantasy, it is but the close of the first chapter of a saga that will take the reader to places that no one has been to before.

It might do at this point to mention a few of the characters you’ll meet in this first installment.  Eldar is the wise-cracking Elf who knows no fear and has been known to moon a funnel storm once past it.  His friend Sabu is a young highly intelligent wizard who would rather do things like computing the trajectory of weather patterns in his head where others would enjoy the passing clouds.  Their companion Bronto is the strong man, as able with a mug and a wench in a bar as he is with the strength of his limbs on the battlefield.  Candol is the humble priest of Indra who lets a flip of his coin decide his choices… even if there are more than two. Blag-ak is a dull-witted ogre with a ring of severed heads and old skulls hanging around his belt and the question of what he uses them for.  He is befriended by a very short creature named Quickfoot, and together they make for an effective, if rather odd and contrasting, duo.

Other characters include the crazy wizard, Po-Adar, lovely Dwingale, and the mysterious King of the Great Northern Kingdom, who together with his Queen and 14 children, give a rebirth to the definition of Royalty and Nobility.  Strange and magical places abound in this world.  Places such as the Great Whirlpool, Tedelnosho; a whirlpool a thousand miles across that has existed at the edge of the Sea of  a Thousand Islands for as long as anyone know.  Or the Harbor of the World, a natural harbor of mammoth size and said to be home of a million ships from all over the world.  Then in the sky overhead hangs other mysteries in the form of Maldene’s three moons.  Their orbits are such that every spot on the world sees one and only one moon; as one sets, another rises from a different horizon.

This is, of course, but a very small sampling of the characters, lands, and mysteries exposed in this first novel in the series.  More tidbits, including the entire first chapter, are available at the web site;  There you will find links to places where this first book (currently released as two volumes) can be ordered from should this peak your interest.  So take a chance.

See Maldene.

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  2. Peter Baksa

    Mark is an incredibly under-rated writer and thinker. I just finished my third book Think Yourself Young. Mark has been an amazing resource and veritable database of information in helping get this published. Dec 15 2011. His book Maldene is another great example of his incredable mind stuffs in action.

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