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There is a little coffee shop on Beyers Naude, Northcliff called Indulgence Cafe. For the last couple of years now the owner, Mandi, has been organising cool author talks and book launches on a Saturday lunch time.

It’s been a quietly building regular thing. It’s an amazing initiative and a very brave thing to have done. The twist is that she asks you to bring 2 books with you to each event:  one to swap with other guests and one to donate to charity. A very cool twist

This Saturday, 9 March, the author concerned in Hagen Engler. In his own words, “I am an independent operator. I’ve been self-publishing anthologies, novels and magazines on my Pocket Assegaai Publications imprint for years. There have also been albums of music with Jedi Rollers, a
short film, spoken-word poetry, and an eclectic blog of chaos and creativity at In between, we bestrode the mainstream media firmament as editor of FHM magazine, freelance
writer for numerous titles and web platforms and as wordsmith for hire.”

This Saturday I am going to be heading over there for lunch and to listen to Hagen talk about his new book, Comrade Baby. It’s a crazy, fun and iconically South African book, full of Engler’s trade-mark Eastern Cape English and sense of humour. It’s bound to be fun. Possibly we can rubber arm him into doing some spoken word and maybe even playing his guitar. Who knows?

Why am I telling you this? Well because I want you to join me… lots of you. Come and support a truly independent operator in Mandi, who is doing good for charity as well as authors, and come and support a unique talent doing things his own way in Hagen.

Most of all, come and spend some time rolling about in your own culture as summer peters slowly out. It’s free, come for lunch, by a book or two, donate some books. Check out the Facebook event for full details. You know you want to! Hagen Engler Author Talk Facebook event page is HERE!

Please remember to bring along your two books, one to swap and one to donate.
Please be seated by 13h30, the author will begin at 2pm promptly

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