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David Chislett recently launched two workshop-type programmes to assist writers get ahead with their craft.

These exchanges function as one-on-one sessions that cover the actual beginnings of writing a book, be it fiction or non-fiction and the second covers the ins and outs of going about getting published.

The top-line contents of the two sessions look like this:

1. Getting Published

  • Where you should be
  • What publishers want
  • Tone and approach
  • Completing delivery
  • Understanding your contract
  • Marketing and moving ahead
  • Journals, shorts, prizes, websites
  • Writer’s toolkit

2. Writing your book

  • What is your story
  • The beginning and the end
  • Themes and plots
  • Characters
  • Building structure
  • The parts
  • Planning action
  • Writing ahead

For information on booking a session and pricing, please contact David directly on

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