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Here on the last day of May, I have now been in the United Kingdom for one whole month. The last few years of my life in Johannesburg were a frenetic, chaotic blur of progress and achievement and the last four weeks have stood in grand contrast to that mania.

It’s been good. The life of a live-in waiter/barman involves a lot of work and not much down time, but it does free you from the everyday shackles of bill-paying, self employment and debt collecting that complicated my life so much for the last ten years.

Some things over at The Old Thatched Inn where I am working are exactly as I expected, some are not. I expected the small village vibe, the long hours and the lack of free time. In fact, that was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to get to other places from our village though… which has severely limited my ability to get out and about and means that all my short European trip ideas will have to wait until I leave.

When I am not working, I am researching all my crazy travel ideas like the Trans Siberian railway, the South Sea Island hop, a pan American road trip, crossing the Australian outback and so on… Anything one can think of doing, someone has done it and posted a helpful article about how they did it, what things cost and so on. You do begin to wonder why you haven’t done it already yourself!

I also work with a really nice group of people which makes life easy even when the Thatch is crazy busy. It’s all good. My focus now is to work and save as much and possible wile I get set up to go roving further. This does mean that I don’t have much exciting news… hence the lack of posts I guess. But now I am more settled that may change. I don’t know. I’m not putting much pressure on myself to write at the moment. That’s part of the idea: have a proper break. 1 month has not been quite enough…. although there is some poetry being written… slowly, quietly!

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