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Create A New Future

World Creativity And Innovation Week kicks off on 15 April with a global array of events and celebrations.

We can create a new future. And you should give a damn because creativity is an inherent human capacity that we have an enormous cultural bias against. This bias is leading us into an era of homogenous thought, polarised opinion and increasingly dangerous echo chambers.

Creativity is dependent on a diversity of inputs, thoughts, experiences and people. It is what allows us to imagine the future, solve everyday problems, come up with ideas, adapt to new situations and grow through learning. Without Creativity, we would truly be nothing. It's likely we would not even be intelligent beings.

And yet, every day, people say, ‘I am not creative’. Every day, people around the world express distrust in creativity and creative people.

Yes you are

Creativity can give you a measure of freedom. Because creativity is what allows you to act on your opportunities, generate options and take charge of your own destiny.

As we move deeper into the Information Age and watch the gradual rise and rise of AI, Creativity is the capacity that distinguishes us from the ever-increasing breadth and speed of computational power. It is the perspective that allows us to make swift decisions based on seemingly minute inputs.

In short, it is something we all desperately need as we navigate our way into the future.

Creativity is not a 'nice to have' as so many leaders and businesses seem to think. It is an absolute necessity.

Creativity Is A Must Have

Already the pace of technological change has overtaken our ability to stay up to date with our own domestic devices. Soon, work and industrial devices will outstrip even the experts. It will take longer to learn about a device in a training course than that device’s lifetime on the market

The only way forward is to develop adaptable, flexible thinkers who can react spontaneously and creatively to this endless heaving sea of change. They cannot be bound by tired old rules designed merely to replicate what happened in the past. They need to be informed by the purpose and desire of making the future different and better for all humans.

So while you're sitting there in front of your monitor reading this, you are without doubt seeing some kind of picture in your mind's eye. You are being creative. You can and will be more and do more if you just start.

A great start is to visit the WCIW website and to attend as many of these incredible celebrations of creativity taking place around the world from April 15 until April 21.

People say they are scare4d of AI taking over the world. I am scared of humans becoming robots, mindlessly doing the same things over and over until they are dead.


Embrace your creative nature:

Rebel against the status quo

Reject backwards-looking rules

Create the future


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