Create! evening in Johannesburg

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Creativity is all around us. But we prefer to think only artists are really creative. Further, no-one ever really talks about what it is, how it works or why it is important.
CreativityJon-Pat Myers and I will change all that on Tuesday 1 March when we present CREATE! an evening dedicated to the creative process at Amuse café in Linden (South Africa).

Have you ever noticed that, when you meet a successful musician, artist, actor or inventor, that they are often also accomplished in other creative arts? Of course we like to write this off as them just being supremely talented. Which they might be OR they might have learned how to tap into creativity and literally look at things in a different way.

Come and find out how you too can unleash your inner creative beast. Be it for work, cooking, a sense of well-being, recreation or a new professional path. Getting in touch with your creativity is good for you!

There will be presentations from both of us as well as an extended Q&A discussion session where everyone can share their experiences, questions and dreams.

Jon-Pat Myers is an international recognised stone sculptor. He is also a musician, writer and martial artist. I, of course, am a writer, musician and trainer. Between us we have over 50 years of experience in the creative fields in South African and around the world.

Come and share an evening of creative fire and inspiration.
Bring your problems, your questions and your challenges and let’s see how much we fire we can make.

Venue:        Amuse Café
Address:    34 5th Street, Linden
Tel:        084 555 5252
Time:         20:00
Admission:    R30.00

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