Creating Value


Learn the secret habits of renowned inventors and innovators and how to apply their thinking to your world.

People may want to work on their creativity for many reasons: a personal creative project, the demands of the job or industry, part of an overall self-development programme. Workshops, coaching and blended learning are all options to individuals and I also customise session to meet specific needs. Take this information as a guide to how I can help.

Activate Problem Solving

Do you need to become a better problem solver? Has coming up with new ideas become part of your job and you have no idea how? When you need to be ahead of the rate of change, the competition and your customers, you need to be creative. This workshop is for YOU! … more

Creative Consultations and Advice

Are you stuck and in need of an outside perspective to help you out of a rut? Spend some time benefitting from my experience and perspective in creative ideation and problem solving …more

Innovation project management: How to focus & get more done

Do you know that you’re creative and have loads of ideas but struggle to finish any of your projects? Is finalising things at work a problem when unique ideas and solutions are involved? This workshop is for YOU! …more

The threats of AI, automation and the pace of change in our world mean that many businesses need staff that are adaptable, flexible, able to think on their feet and operate a little bit outside the lines. I offer a range of standard workshops aimed at specific scenarios where creativity can be deployed and I customise sessions to meet specific company needs

Team Ideation Workshops

Tired of workshops that go nowhere, deliver nothing and waste time? Instead experience a facilitated workshops that is goal focussed, purpose aligned and guided towards definite outcomes by a professional creative.  …more

Building Innovation Culture

Does your company want to create an environment where creative thought and innovation are normal? How leaders communicate, manage, speak and act is at the heart of every organisation, ensuring that staff are motivated and empowered to succeed. Then this workshop is for YOU! …more

Turn up the volume in your business: Unleash your inner rock star!

Do your people need an inspirational dose of motivation and a believable model to understand? Learn the hidden secrets of massive superstars and how to apply their thinking to your world. Find your voice, turn up the volume, and outshine the competition!  …more



Creativity is part of human nature. It can be identified, developed and grown like any other skill.

Any questions?


What languages do you speak?

I am a native English speaker and I also speak Dutch. So my workshops are offered in either language depending on your preference.

What are your payment policies?

I ask for a 50% deposit to book a workshop. The remaining 50% is due on the first day of the workshop. Sessions can be rescheduled with 7 day’s notice. Cancellations made with less than 7 day’s notice result in a loss of deposit.

Do you offer workshops for larger groups?

Workshops are meant to be interactive. Therefore, smaller groups work best. Still, I am open to facilitating workshops for bigger groups. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Do you offer workshops online or via Skype?

Group workshops need to happen in-person. Online options are offered to individuals on a case-by-case basis

David is a unique, driven and dynamic individual who will be an asset to anyone who gets to work with him.

Hagen Engler, Ogilvy Public Relations

David is good at giving advice. But not in such a way that he tells you what to do, but he helps you to make a plan.

Iris Reshef, Head of Media Relations, NS

David creates a very relaxed and quiet learning environment. He makes contact in an authentic way, creating an open atmosphere, always prepares his lessons well and gives space to the student to achieve their desired learning goals together.

Maicol Kuijt QC, Group Control Director a.i., Graydon