Change workshops for business

Activate your team’s ingenuity

In the Ideas Economy, solutions equal power. Businesses depend on it.

Companies talk a lot about innovation and disruption. But if they’re not encouraging inventive thinking, it’s just talk and empty buzzwords.

In the Ideas Economy, solutions equal power. Businesses depend on them.

And the good news is — ingenuity is a skill we all have. We just need to know how to tap into it. In this workshop, we explore the art and science of boosting your team’s inventiveness. The program is tailored to the group.

Staff learn how to switch on and sink into their own creativity.
Managers learn how to develop teams to be awake and proactive.

From inspired new solutions to game-changing products, I can help spark your team’s imagination to produce their best work.

Topics include

  • Proven strategies and techniques to spark different thinking
  • How to work together positively to get results
  • The link between brain chemistry and innovative ideas
  • How to analyse what you observe in order to spark new ideas


This interactive, activity-based workshop gives participants the opportunity to analyze, discuss, explore and experience creative concepts.

  • Full day (8 hours)
  • Maximum participants: 10 per workshop
  • All materials provided


€ 2,995 excl. BTW


Workshops take place in Amsterdam, at your place of business or offsite. Other locations are available upon request.

Date and Time

We will arrange a date and time that works best for your team.

David Chislett

Workshop Facilitator 

David Chislett brings more than 25 years of real-world creative experience to his role. He’s been called “a born teacher” and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Through fun exercises and systematic strategies, David helps activate creativity and put it to work. His approach is hands-on, practical and tailored to you.


To ensure your new approach is becoming a habit and to discuss emerging issues and ideas, you can book a few follow-up accountability sessions. I offer three, 1-hour private sessions for € 300 excl. BTW

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