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Before I left South Africa in April 2013, my site was set up as the ideal travel blog platform. It was also aimed pretty squarely at my existing South African readers and potential readers.

Nearly two and a half years later, and a lot has changed. The travelling is over. Well, at least the ‘living out of a backpack for months’ kind of travelling is. I am now based in Amsterdam and I am working on new and different projects.

In the near future, I will be launching blogs in series, instead of one-off kind of things, as well as working towards some more free stuff, e-books, talks and workshops.

In other words, the site had to change. So, please take a click around this all-new www.davidchislett.com . I have migrated to a .com to make myself more searchable globally and upgraded the look and feel to reflect the more business oriented approach that will kick-off as of now.

You can still expect random blogs about life, the universe and everything, but in general, the site will be more focussed on some non-fiction projects I am developing as well as some new training projects.

I will also be working more pro-actively with my newsletter, giving away more free content and generally being a lot more organised, predictable and focussed. Amazing isn’t it?

So, please explore www.davidchislett.com and feast your eyes on the new look, maybe sign up for the newsletter (just look in the right hand column and fill I your email address… easy!) and, most importantly, do some reading!

Much, much more to come!

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