Debut Solo!

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I have been on stage on one way or another for most of my adult life. I started out acting in 1983 at Primary school, kept that up through high school, graduated to bands in the late 80’s and through the 90’s, was on live radio, been on TV, done public speaking, MC-ing you name it. But never, ever have I stepped up onto a stage and performed music I wrote and words I wrote all on one package… until 21 June 2012.

This latest of my schemes stems from the idea that, as an author, it’s so hard to regularly get in front of your public. Not if you can gig, I thought to myself. So I embarked on a process of turning some of my poetry into songs…. something I have been trying to do since I was 17. But thankfully it seems I have learned something in the intervening decades and I actually managed to get it right.

I learned a few things. One is that people are interested in what I am doing. Two is that I need to rehearse more and 3 is that, if I want to get eh energy and interaction going that I pictured, I have to learn how to play guitar standing up!

So, I want to say thank you to Anastasya and Dirk at Amuse Cafe for giving my first ever totally solo show! A huge vote of thanks to Hagen Engler who came along to share the experience with me and who had a KILLER set of his own. Respect old friend, I need to work harder to get where you are! And thank you to the people who showed up. I didn’t know most of you, and it was great to get a positive reaction from strangers… This was my biggest indication that I am doing something that a market may be interested in. Sometimes it’s too hard for ones mates to be totally honest about this stuff.

I am now busy rehearsing, fine tuning the stories and writing a couple more tunes and looking to book the next show. I was terrified, but it went pretty well I thought. I will be back!

Thanks to Dave Mthembu and Vicky Burger for the photo’s… For those of you who didn’t make it, some pics from the night!
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