Details And Other Devils

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I generally characterise myself as a big picture kind of guy. You know, broad creative sweeps that sketch a picture and you get my drift. But if anything, I continue to engage repeatedly in exploits and ideas that require me to exert an attention to fine detail that does not come naturally. Being a control freak does not sit well with being a big picture kind of guy.

My creative week this week consists of: editing around 120 poems. As in checking them, adjusting, snipping words. After that, arranging them into one manuscript document according to a hierarchy of my own devising. I prefer writing the poems personally. But if I want things done the way I want them, and to the time frame I want them, this is what I have to learn to do. I was gritting my teeth until a friend of mine reminded me that I am supposed to enjoy what I do, seeing as it is my pride and my, um joy. Good point. Let’s just say these processes do not come naturally to me.

At the same time I am eagerly awaiting the final print proof copy of my music industry text book. Those of you who know me will know how long this one has taken. It appears that, after many, many false starts, I am to get this document this week. Then I just need to read through it, check it for mistakes, typos and other minuscule errors and sign off on it for printing. I always thought that was why editors had jobs.

Let’s be clear, I am far from happy that this book has taken so long and in particular, that the copy editing was left so late and done in the manner that it has been. But I still hope to have another book out this August. Yes, the same one I thought would be out last August. Publishing hey?

But the issue remains the same: fine attention to detail needs to be paid and I am no fan. But in both instances, if I do not, my products, my books will suffer. So guess what, doing the best I can to suck it up and get on with it.

The situation reminds me of the lecture I always give musicians about understanding the business end of their music, no matter how much they resist it. They hate hearing that. But it’s true, they can’t complain if they haven’t looked after business if you ask me. So yeah, ok, point taken. I am looking after business AND complaining.



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