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Transformational Storytelling brings you the latest installment in our series of meetups and talks on 21 annick_final2-copy-2September at The Open Coöp in Amsterdam North.

The way we see the world shapes how we interact with it. In this interactive, research-inspired evening, find out what beliefs guide your view on the world, and how to work with them to create greater impact.

For the last six years Annick de Witt has conducted fascinating research into what kinds of views there are in the world, and what impact these have on our lives. In this stimulating evening, she shares her findings with us, and questions what kinds of beliefs each of us hold.

Not only will we be receiving frontline research into the family of belief systems that prevail in the West, we’ll be using it to learn about the beliefs that each of us hold. You will leave with a fresh perspective on your own story, and new curiosity about the stories that others hold.

As is always the case, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with our speaker. The Open Coop coffee counter will be open and tea, coffee and other refreshments will be on sale.

Our guide for the evening 
annick-03-copyAnnick de Witt (Ph.D.) is an author, change-maker, and consultant in the field of cultural and inner transformation for global sustainability. After researching worldviews and culture in an academic context for almost a decade, she now works with (societal) organisations to use these insights to leverage strategies, optimize communications, and foster more inclusive, creative strategy-development.

If you’re interested in her work, check out her website and take her 7-minute worldview test. It will make a great prelude to our evening together.

See you on the 21st!

When: 21 September at 19:00
Where: Open Coöp, Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 CL Amsterdam
Entrance: €12.00 (cash only!)

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